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We Help Farmers Achieve Better and Stable Prices

The Vanilla Pantry Uganda Limited is a local privately owned company duly registered in Uganda that specialises in the whole sale / bulk supply of vanilla beans, extracts, paste and powder to consumers online and in the food manufacturing, food service, food retail, craft brewing, and restaurant industries. The company was set up with the goal of helping farmers achieve better and more stable prices for their vanilla amid international price fluctuations, and to add value to locally and ethically sourced organic vanilla to create other vanilla derived products to compete on the international market.

99% of all vanilla produced in Uganda is exported for value addition and brought back as an imported product to be sold to suppliers. We, the local farmers and exporters decided it was time that we take back some control of the value chain and start to manufacture some of these products locally and add value to them so as to make more money for the farmers, communities and families that depend on the cultivation and production of vanilla for a living. We have made extensive research on how to add value to vanilla and create new products from this wonderful plant and have been able to come up with, vanilla beans, slow cold pressed vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, vanilla powder and vanilla sugar.
Uganda is a country found in East Africa along the equator and is the third-largest exporter of vanilla. The plants are grown under certified Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and vanilla farmers are supported by enterprises such as the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI). Uganda is one of the few vanilla-growing regions with two distinct dry seasons per year and can supply fresh pods year-round for export.

Our Principles

What We Stand For


Perfectly ripened and carefully hand-selected beans are sent directly to our production facility in Luzira, Kampala. We use a slow-cold extraction method from all locally sourced materials to finish our extract while paying close diligence every step of the process to ensure we produce a smooth and highly flavorful, rich and aromatic extract.


The absence of intermediaries allows us to keep our costs down and offer the highest quality product at a lower price. Through our value addition processes, we can fetch higher prices for the assorted products and are able to give back to the communities and farmers with whom we work closely to ensure better living and working conditions and more income for them and their families.


We craft our own products making them fresh, onsite and often by hand using source ingredients directly from the farmer when and as much possible to ensure the best price for the farmer. We listen to our customers and believe they are always right whilst offering personal service, produce custom blends and deliver nationwide, regionally and internationally to our clients at the best price possible for the best quality possible.

Our Products

Premium Rich Aromatic Natural Organic Pure Ethically & Sustainably Sourced